2017 Evergreen Senior

Graduation is just around the corner for this 2017 Evergreen Senior. Senior pictures are always a special occasion and are often the highlight of the year. Finding the perfect spot with all the right elements is key.

Kyra chose to have her senior portraits taken close to home and these images were created within a few miles of her residence. We were able to find some great locations that Kyra loved and suited her personality. Upper Bear Creek has many gorgeous settings with everything a Colorado outdoor location has to offer. A quiet mountain creek, golden aspens, and abundant pines and spruce trees make up the surroundings that compliment the beauty of this lovely young lady. When the fall colors are at their peak it is especially beautiful. It was easy for Kyra to feel relaxed and comfortable with so many beautiful and familiar settings. Of course, with her easy going personality, she is relaxed just about anywhere. I’m glad we were able to give her some portraits that she will be able to cherish always.Images of 2017 Evergreen Senior

Senior Girl Evergreen Senior HS Evergreen Senior Girl Evergreen Senior Girl Evergreen Senior Evergreen Senior Girl senior girl 8E5A0680 Evergreen HS Senior

Senior Photography

Marissa’s Senior Photography Session

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A recent trip back east gave me an opportunity to do another senior photography session. Although this was a trip to visit family, I was excited to mix a little work with pleasure. This time my subject was my lovely grandniece, Marissa. Marissa’s easy going personality was so refreshing and her patience for “one more shot” was too. Her beautiful red hair was a striking contrast to the lush greenery all around. It really was more fun than work to photograph her.

Ohio is always green in the summer – especially compared to the dry western summers in Colorado. However, a  particularly wet summer provided even more greenery than usual and it ensured some beautiful backdrops for this High School senior photography session. Finding a dry day to do this session was a bit of a challenge, however.  Constant rain dampened my two week visit, but we were determined to find a break in the clouds and take advantage of the lush greenery and abundant flowers that Ohio has to offer. Between raindrops, we were able to do the shoot in two sessions and only get a little damp. Oglebay Park in Wheeling, WVA was the location for many of the photographs as well as surrounding areas in Ohio.

Evergreen Senior Portraits

 Erin’s Evergreen Senior Portraits

Congratulations, Erin, you made it!  Your senior portraits are amazing!

Erin will graduate from Evergreen High School in May, 2015. She’s such a lovely young woman with a winning smile and easy going disposition. She was so relaxed about this session and getting these shots was almost too easy. Erin was such a pleasure to work with and her confident manner is evident in her portraits.

These Evergreen Senior portraits were taken at the Elk Meadow dog park in Evergreen, Colorado. We had a perfect day and an amazing location with everything you need for great pictures. This Colorado mountain setting is complete with rock outcrops, aspen trees, spruces, creek side and mountain tops. Oh, and the wild flowers were abundant and gorgeous! And of course, I had a beautiful young lady as my subject!

You can see more High School Senior Photography here.

Evergreen Senior Photography Evergreen Senior Photography Evergreen Senior Photography Evergreen Senior Photography Evergreen Senior Photography Senior Photography Evergreen Senior Photography Evergreen Senior Portraits Evergreen Senior Photography

Kristin’s Mullen HS Senior Photos

This is Kristin’s senior year at Mullen High School. She was excited to have her senior photos taken for this important stage in her life and her confidence really shows in these images. She is such a beautiful girl with a personality to match. Kristen graduates from Mullen High School in 2015.

As a former mountain resident, she wanted her pictures taken in a mountain setting. We photographed her senior session at Elk Meadow Park in Evergreen, Colorado.  This has become one of my favorite spots for senior portraits. A wet summer in the mountains of Colorado provided an abundance of wildflowers. There’s an aspen grove along a mountain creek as well as outcroppings and conifers. What a great setting for some awesome photos of this Mullen HS Senior.

Senior pictures are always one of my favorite sessions. There’s something about the youth and vibrancy of these kids that makes you feel young again. Kristin is no exception and her vitality and gentle spirit is something that shows in her photos.


Mullen HS Senior Photos

Mullen_HS_Senior_Photos  Mullen_HS_Senior_Photos  Mullen_HS_Senior_Photos  Mullen_HS_Senior_Photos  Mullen_HS_Senior_Photos  Mullen_HS_Senior_Photos_4518  Mullen_HS_Senior_Photos  Mullen_HS_Senior_4319

Evergreen HS Senior Pictures

The old homestead barn at Aldefer Three Sisters Park provided some great backdrops for these 2014 Evergreen HS senior photos. Beautiful mountain vistas and the sun setting behind them created some awesome images.

Bailey is such a lovely girl and she was a natural in front of the camera. Her charming personality really shines in these images. She was such a pleasure to work with and made it easy to get some great pictures of her senior year.

Evergreen HS Senior Pictures of Bailey

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