Snowy Evergreen Family Photography

Snowy Evergreen Family Photography

It hardly seems like winter here in Evergreen but I just have to post some snowy Evergreen family photography. Lack of snow this season has left me looking for something that reminds me that, yes we do get some of the white stuff here.

This is from a few years back but I want to share this family photo session with you. This family really wanted to get some portraits in the snowy mountains. Of course you can’t predict the weather so we just decided to schedule a session in late November and hope for the best.  As luck would have it, the evening before the session it began to snow! In the morning we were greeted with a thick blanket of sparkling powder. The down side? It was 10 degrees outside but we managed to get some awesome photos in a relatively short period of time.  It helps that these kids are so cooperative. You can tell they really like the chilly weather. To round out the session and get a few more images, we decided to do some studio portraits as well. All in all, a very successful session.

Evergreen Family Photography.Evergreen Family Photography Evergreen Family Photography Evergreen Family Photography Evergreen Family Photography Evergreen Family Photography Evergreen Family Photography Evergreen Family Photography Evergreen Family Photography Evergreen Family Photography Evergreen Family PhotographyEvergreen Family Photography Evergreen Family Photography Evergreen Family Photography

2017 Evergreen Senior

Graduation is just around the corner for this 2017 Evergreen Senior. Senior pictures are always a special occasion and are often the highlight of the year. Finding the perfect spot with all the right elements is key.

Kyra chose to have her senior portraits taken close to home and these images were created within a few miles of her residence. We were able to find some great locations that Kyra loved and suited her personality. Upper Bear Creek has many gorgeous settings with everything a Colorado outdoor location has to offer. A quiet mountain creek, golden aspens, and abundant pines and spruce trees make up the surroundings that compliment the beauty of this lovely young lady. When the fall colors are at their peak it is especially beautiful. It was easy for Kyra to feel relaxed and comfortable with so many beautiful and familiar settings. Of course, with her easy going personality, she is relaxed just about anywhere. I’m glad we were able to give her some portraits that she will be able to cherish always.Images of 2017 Evergreen Senior

Senior Girl Evergreen Senior HS Evergreen Senior Girl Evergreen Senior Girl Evergreen Senior Evergreen Senior Girl senior girl 8E5A0680 Evergreen HS Senior

Refuse to say Cheese

Refuse to say Cheese!

“There is nothing more damning to go down to posterity than a silly, foolish smile caught and fixed forever.” — Mark Twain

A while back I took my granddaughter to Hudson Gardens on an outing.  I had a couple of family photo sessions coming up and wanted to check out the lighting there. Skylar is a great helper and I often use her for practice shots. By now she is so used to me and my camera that posing for pictures has become second nature. I’ve always encouraged her to look natural for photographs and I avoid the ever popular phrase, “Say cheese” to coax a smile.

Why do we say cheese?

Now, I know we’ve all been guilty of asking for the “cheese”.  As mothers we wait forever for that rare moment when we can, at last, get a nice picture of our child. Her hair has finally grown out from the last time she found the scissors and whacked away at her bangs, or from when you had to chopped out the gum she lost in her sleep. Her hair is actually clean and tidy – another good sign. She’s even agreed to  wear that darling dress that you love – and she hates.  Her nose isn’t running and there are no visible cuts or bruises. The planets have aligned …a chance of a lifetime! Everything looks good except for the grumpy look on her face. Then you do it. It just slips out of your mouth.  You say, “OK darling, Say cheese!”

Let’s face it. Sometimes it’s the only thing that works.

But now we’ve created a monster! After a while we don’t even need to say it! We’ve conditioned our kids to respond with that cheesy grin as soon as we take out the camera. They see the camera and immediately contort their little faces into a large toothy mask that is anything but real. What’s crazy is that some of us carry that same look into adulthood and continue to get cheesy pictures! We’ve been so conditioned to “say cheese” that we will forever be immortalized as a race of goofy looking people with large plastic smiles.

So, back to my outing with my granddaughter. As we walked around the lake, a gentleman and his daughter were standing nearby. I waited patiently as he posed the little girl in front of a blazing orange sumac bush that I also intended to use as a backdrop.  Then he said the inevitable words, “Say cheese, Laci.” The child gave her biggest, toothiest, cheesiest smile. The dad took several picture and finally responded with disappointment in his voice, “Well, that was a good try.” I could only imagine what kind of pictures he got.

As we left the park I leaned over to my granddaughter and said, “I don’t care what anyone tells you, refuse to say cheese”.

Never say cheese




Limited Edition Little Ballerinas

Little Ballerinas

Little Ballerinas

Limited Edition Portrait sessions are back! The next edition is “Little Ballerinas” and will be offered on April 16th, 2016

You’re going to love the memories we’ll create!  Little Ballerina sessions are a tribute to girlhood with a classic set and ballet accessories. Silk flowers and teddy bear make a perfect finishing touch to these charming portraits. Create a lasting keepsake of your little girl, or bring a cousin or best friend along! Your child will have so much fun at the Little Ballerina session, and the portraits are sure to become treasured keepsakes for many years to come. These sessions are only available for 1 day in April so plan ahead! You want to remember this time in your child’s life and what better way to do it than with fun and unique portraits!

Limited Edition pricing will be in effect with a session fee of only $45 and packages starting at $85.


20 minute sessions throughout the day:
Saturday, April 16th, 2016

To join in the fun contact me here. We’ll schedule your session then.


Or call me at:

Don’t wait – sessions are limited so call soon. 

Senior Photography

Marissa’s Senior Photography Session

  High School Photography Evergreen Senior Photography Senior Photography Oglebay Park 8E5A4905  8E5A5104 Senior Photography Senior Girl Photography 8E5A5225 8E5A5242-Edit Evergreen Senior Photography 8E5A4915-Edit  Senior Girl Photography Senior Photography 8E5A5414-Edit

A recent trip back east gave me an opportunity to do another senior photography session. Although this was a trip to visit family, I was excited to mix a little work with pleasure. This time my subject was my lovely grandniece, Marissa. Marissa’s easy going personality was so refreshing and her patience for “one more shot” was too. Her beautiful red hair was a striking contrast to the lush greenery all around. It really was more fun than work to photograph her.

Ohio is always green in the summer – especially compared to the dry western summers in Colorado. However, a  particularly wet summer provided even more greenery than usual and it ensured some beautiful backdrops for this High School senior photography session. Finding a dry day to do this session was a bit of a challenge, however.  Constant rain dampened my two week visit, but we were determined to find a break in the clouds and take advantage of the lush greenery and abundant flowers that Ohio has to offer. Between raindrops, we were able to do the shoot in two sessions and only get a little damp. Oglebay Park in Wheeling, WVA was the location for many of the photographs as well as surrounding areas in Ohio.

Evergreen Senior Portraits

 Erin’s Evergreen Senior Portraits

Congratulations, Erin, you made it!  Your senior portraits are amazing!

Erin will graduate from Evergreen High School in May, 2015. She’s such a lovely young woman with a winning smile and easy going disposition. She was so relaxed about this session and getting these shots was almost too easy. Erin was such a pleasure to work with and her confident manner is evident in her portraits.

These Evergreen Senior portraits were taken at the Elk Meadow dog park in Evergreen, Colorado. We had a perfect day and an amazing location with everything you need for great pictures. This Colorado mountain setting is complete with rock outcrops, aspen trees, spruces, creek side and mountain tops. Oh, and the wild flowers were abundant and gorgeous! And of course, I had a beautiful young lady as my subject!

You can see more High School Senior Photography here.

Evergreen Senior Photography Evergreen Senior Photography Evergreen Senior Photography Evergreen Senior Photography Evergreen Senior Photography Senior Photography Evergreen Senior Photography Evergreen Senior Portraits Evergreen Senior Photography

Kristin’s Mullen HS Senior Photos

This is Kristin’s senior year at Mullen High School. She was excited to have her senior photos taken for this important stage in her life and her confidence really shows in these images. She is such a beautiful girl with a personality to match. Kristen graduates from Mullen High School in 2015.

As a former mountain resident, she wanted her pictures taken in a mountain setting. We photographed her senior session at Elk Meadow Park in Evergreen, Colorado.  This has become one of my favorite spots for senior portraits. A wet summer in the mountains of Colorado provided an abundance of wildflowers. There’s an aspen grove along a mountain creek as well as outcroppings and conifers. What a great setting for some awesome photos of this Mullen HS Senior.

Senior pictures are always one of my favorite sessions. There’s something about the youth and vibrancy of these kids that makes you feel young again. Kristin is no exception and her vitality and gentle spirit is something that shows in her photos.


Mullen HS Senior Photos

Mullen_HS_Senior_Photos  Mullen_HS_Senior_Photos  Mullen_HS_Senior_Photos  Mullen_HS_Senior_Photos  Mullen_HS_Senior_Photos  Mullen_HS_Senior_Photos_4518  Mullen_HS_Senior_Photos  Mullen_HS_Senior_4319

Maternity Photography Special

Maternity Photography Ad

I’m offering a Maternity photography special promotion to anyone having a baby this year. This is a special offer for a limited time only. The package includes a portrait session and an 8×10 retouched image. Children and spouses are welcome. Even if you just found out you’re pregnant, you can take advantage of this offer. We can schedule the sitting for anytime in 2015! However, because this is such an amazing offer you’ll have to act fast because…

You must reserve the session in the next 10 days.

This offer expires on March 26th, 2015


The female body is so amazing and I love capturing the elegance and sensuality of the pregnant woman. During these nine months, hers is a radiant beauty that transcends any other time in her life. Each pregnancy is unique and is a once in a lifetime event. Beautiful portraits will remind you of this special time long after the memories fade. So, if you are considering having a portrait done of this amazing chapter in your life or want to gift a friend with a portrait session, then this as an opportunity you don’t want to miss. With stunning images, you will be able to look back on this time and remember just how special it was.

View more images here.

Contact me for more information or to reserve your session.

Colorado Kid Photography

These photos were captured during a session in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. We started with a few fun shots in the Bronco’s T-shirt for daddy. I was surprised to see how well she could catch and throw a football. She already has the quarterback moves down! It took a little coaxing for her to give up the football but we eventually got her to move on to the playground. The action never stopped. I loved doing this session with little Reese. She’s such a Colorado Kid! She was so cooperative and followed instructions like a champ!  Even though the weather was chilly, she just kept going.

This is just about my favorite age to photograph.  Children are so natural at this age and usually very willing to perform for the camera. You definitely have to be on your toes to keep up with their energy, however. Besides, it’s never boring – you just have to expect the unexpected.

 Photos of Colorado Kid Photography

Denver Children's Photography Colorado Kid Photography Colorado Kid Photography Bronco Kid Photography  Colorado Kid Photography Bronco Kid Photography

Matt and Cody’s Wedding

I had the honor of taking Matt and Cody’s engagement photos and a greater honor photographing their wedding. Their wedding was held at picturesque Wellington Lake. I seldom get to do wedding photography where the bride and groom are so laid back. Nothing seemed to bother them. Well, I guess Cody was a LITTLE upset when the cake arrived in pieces, and I don’t mean ready to assemble pieces! If you’ve ever been to Wellington Lake then you know it’s 10 miles of dirt road before you get to the lake. You can be pretty rattled by the end of it. The cake didn’t have a chance. After a few tears were shed, however, Cody was back to her amiable self.

The bride and groom love to go camping and this wedding seemed an ideal time for another camp out. Guests came ready to spend the weekend.  Scattered tents and guests dressed in shorts were the order of the day. Dancing outside the buffet tent? Why not!

The ceremony was held on the shore of the lake and a get-away canoe was docked nearby. A beautiful summer’s day helped make this wedding picture perfect. All in all it was a perfect day for a perfect couple.


 Photography of Matt & Cody’s Wellington Lake Wedding

Evergreen Colorado Wedding Photography  Evergreen Colorado Wedding Photography  The Wedding Dress  IMG_2318  Wellington Lake Wedding Photography  Evergreen Colorado Wedding Photography  8E5A4220a-10  Wellington Lake Wedding Photography  Evergreen Colorado Wedding Photography  Wellington Lake Wedding Photography  Wedding Rings  Wellington Lake Wedding Photography