Diana-PicPhotography is my passion. Beginning with a real estate photography business that I developed in 1976 – to my current portrait photography business established in 1998, photography has been my lifelong pursuit.
As a young woman armed with a medium format film camera, a handheld light meter and a vintage flash; I entered the world of capturing images on film. I later abandoned the film camera for a digital one and exchanged a darkroom for a “Lightroom”. Even though I’ve had formal training in photography, my real education has happened through experience and practice. Over the years I have evolved as photography itself has evolved. What a wonderful ride this has been and I’m as in love with photography as ever!
Having a family has reinforced the importance of saving memories along this journey of life. Portrait photography is the perfect way to preserve these memories and I’d love to provide that for you. My desire is to give you a fun family experience while capturing moments that you will enjoy time and again in lovely images displayed in your home. I would love to help you capture these important times in your life so that you can remember them always.

Contact me if you’d like to discuss a portrait session and we’ll custom tailor it to your needs.

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