Matt & Cody are Engaged

A lovely day in the mountains was just what we wanted for Matt and Cody’s Evergreen engagement photos. We chose O’Fallon Park for the location of the shoot which is just a few miles outside of Evergreen, Colorado. What a beautiful day for January it was! Usually the park is crowded with picnickers and outdoorsy folk, but today, because of the chilly temperatures, we had the park to ourselves. The solitude of the park added to the intimate mood we wanted to capture. Two unique bridges and a gentle creek running through the park made a beautiful setting for many of the images.

Matt and Cody are a beautiful couple and the love between them is so obvious. They were absolutely comfortable with each other and photographing them was a joy!  I felt like I’d been invited into their own private world. I am so pleased to be a part of this journey on which they are embarking.

Evergreen Engagement Photos of Matt & Cody

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