Colorado Kid Photography

These photos were captured during a session in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. We started with a few fun shots in the Bronco’s T-shirt for daddy. I was surprised to see how well she could catch and throw a football. She already has the quarterback moves down! It took a little coaxing for her to give up the football but we eventually got her to move on to the playground. The action never stopped. I loved doing this session with little Reese. She’s such a Colorado Kid! She was so cooperative and followed instructions like a champ!  Even though the weather was chilly, she just kept going.

This is just about my favorite age to photograph.  Children are so natural at this age and usually very willing to perform for the camera. You definitely have to be on your toes to keep up with their energy, however. Besides, it’s never boring – you just have to expect the unexpected.

 Photos of Colorado Kid Photography

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