Matt and Cody’s Wedding

I had the honor of taking Matt and Cody’s engagement photos and a greater honor photographing their wedding. Their wedding was held at picturesque Wellington Lake. I seldom get to do wedding photography where the bride and groom are so laid back. Nothing seemed to bother them. Well, I guess Cody was a LITTLE upset when the cake arrived in pieces, and I don’t mean ready to assemble pieces! If you’ve ever been to Wellington Lake then you know it’s 10 miles of dirt road before you get to the lake. You can be pretty rattled by the end of it. The cake didn’t have a chance. After a few tears were shed, however, Cody was back to her amiable self.

The bride and groom love to go camping and this wedding seemed an ideal time for another camp out. Guests came ready to spend the weekend.  Scattered tents and guests dressed in shorts were the order of the day. Dancing outside the buffet tent? Why not!

The ceremony was held on the shore of the lake and a get-away canoe was docked nearby. A beautiful summer’s day helped make this wedding picture perfect. All in all it was a perfect day for a perfect couple.


 Photography of Matt & Cody’s Wellington Lake Wedding

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