Evergreen Country Wedding

Christopher and Bethany are married!

What a pleasure it was to capture such a magical day. Christopher and Bethany’s wedding was just perfect and so much fun! The event happened at Bethany’s family homestead in Evergreen, Colorado, surrounded by meadows and mountain vistas. It was a country wedding with all the trimmings. A host of friends and family gathered to enjoy the ceremony. The rain clouds also gathered as the outdoor ceremony began, but not a drop of rain fell.  The bride and groom were so comfortable and relaxed and you could see the love between them. It was truly a blessing to be a part of their day.

Photos of an Evergreen Country Wedding

Country-Wedding-2004  Evergreen Wedding Photography Evergreen County Wedding-1983 Evergreen Country Wedding-2189 Evergreen Country Wedding Photography Evergreen Wedding Photography Evergreen Wedding Photography Evergreen Wedding Photography Evergreen Wedding Photography County Wedding Boots

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